Quincy Jones Disses Taylor Swift: We Need More ‘F*cking Songs, Not Hooks’

Taylor Swift has been selling out stadiums and winning Grammys for years, but at least one legendary composer and producer doesn’t get the hype.

In a lengthy, wide-ranging interview with GQ published Tuesday, Quincy Jones slammed the reigning 28-year-old pop queen, laughing off a suggestion by the interviewer that Swift has been called one of the best songwriters of her generation.

“We need more song man. F*cking songs, not hooks,” the 84-year-old 27-time Grammy-winner told the magazine.

When asked what he thought was missing from Swift’s music, the producer behind such legendary albums as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bad replied: “Knowing what you’re doing. You know what I mean?”

“Since I was a little kid, I’ve always heard the people that don’t wanna do the work,” he said. “It takes work, man. The only place you find success before work is the dictionary, and that’s alphabetical.”

Taylor Swift’s hit single “Style,” released in 2015, was written and produced by Swift, Max Martin, Shellback, and Ali Payami.

Still, Jones suggested that he would be open to working with Swift in the future, saying he would “figure something out” if he did.

“Man, the song is the sh*t—that’s what people don’t realize,” he added. “A great song can make the worst singer in the world a star. A bad song can’t be saved by the three best singers in the world. I learned that 50 years ago.”

Jones’s GQ interview is full of incredible stories from the musician’s childhood, including several harrowing scrapes with death, and includes humorous anecdotes about his six decades in the music business.

“The ’30s in Chicago, man. Whew. No joke,” Jones said of his childhood. “If you think today’s bad… As a young kid, after my mother was taken away, my brother and I, we saw dead bodies every day. Guys hanging off of telephone poles with ice picks in their necks, man. Tommy guns and stogies, stacks of wine and liquor, big piles of money in back rooms, that’s all I ever saw. Just wanted to be that.”

Jones also describes coming up in the music business alongside Ray Charles and Michael Jackson, and claims he used to buy drugs from a young Malcolm X.

“Every time we’d go to Detroit, at the Majestic hotel, standing in front, with his Italian sh*t on and amber glasses: Malcolm X. Detroit Red. That’s where we bought our dope,” Jones said. “It was before he went to prison.”

New Jersey Teacher Allegedly Asked Students for Nudes in Exchange for Better Grades

A New Jersey high school teacher allegedly offered to give students good grades if they sent him nude pictures of their genitalia.

Authorities arrested Jose Maria, 39, and charged him with one count of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of official misconduct for allegedly soliciting nude pictures from two male students, the Daily Journal reported.

One of the boys, identified as Ro. C. in court documents, told authorities that Maria, who taught Spanish at Passaic High School, would also buy him and another teen alcohol and Chinese food.

“Ro.C. said he found a picture on the internet of a black penis and sent it to Mr. Maria,” according to a probable cause affidavit. “Ro.C. said his mother confronted Mr. Maria who admitted it, said he would kill himself and asked her not to go to the police.”

The incidents reportedly took place between 2010 and 2012, when the teens attended the high school.

Keith Furlong, a spokesman for the Passaic School District, told NorthJersey.com the district immediately suspended Maria from his position, where he receives a $75,513 salary.

Furlong added that he is required to receive pay during his suspension.

Maria has been employed as a teacher since September 2005, according to Furlong.

Authorities released Maria on pretrial monitoring under the conditions that he report to officials for weekly check-ins, have no contact with his victim, and have no contact with children under 18 without supervision, according to a court official.

A court official said that the case is being referred to a grand jury.

Another New Jersey teacher had also been arrested for alleged sexual misconduct with students over the past month.

In December 2017, a former New Jersey prep school teacher was arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Professor: White People Who Practice Yoga Contribute to ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Yoga Industrial Complex’

A Michigan State University professor has claimed white people who practice yoga contribute to “white supremacy” and the “yoga industrial complex.”

Religious Studies Professor Shreena Gandhi claimed in a co-authored article that “yoga practice in the United States is intimately linked to some of the larger forces of white supremacy,” adding the practice is “tied up with colonialism.”

According to the New York Post, Gandhi “co-authored the piece titled ‘Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation,’ with Lillie Wolff, a self-described ‘anti-racist white Jewish organizer, facilitator, and healer,’ who has called for ‘decolonizing’ yoga.”

“Yoga contributes to our economic system, but never forget this system is one built upon exploitation and commodification of labor, often the labor of black people and people of the global south,” expressed Gandhi and Wolff in the article. “Yoga, like so many other colonized systems of practice and knowledge, did not appear in the American spiritual landscape by coincidence; rather, its popularity was a direct consequence of a larger system of cultural appropriation that capitalism engenders and reifies.”

“While the (mis)appropriation of yoga may not be a life-threatening racism, it is a part of systemic racism nonetheless,” the two continued, claiming “it’s useful to look at the roots of U.S. white dominant culture, the foundation of which is rooted in enslavement of West Africans and settler colonialism.”

Gandhi and Wolff also argued that within the “oppressive structures” of the United States, the “yoga industrial complex flourishes.”

This complex socio-political reality of the U.S. is key to understanding how the cultural void of white society is intimately mixed with white supremacy, capitalism, and globalization; and it is within these oppressive structures that cultural appropriation and the yoga industrial complex flourishes. People are grasping for something to belong and connect to outside of the empty and shallow societal anchors of materialism and consumerism, which do not nourish or empower people in any sort of meaningful or sustainable way. People are searching for these things without even understanding why there is a void in the first place. Few white people make the connection between their attraction to yoga and the cultural loss their ancestors and relatives experienced when they bought into white dominant culture in order to access resources. Many Europeans did not fully grasp what they were giving up and what they were investing in, yet many did, and most who arrived on these shores chose to stay here rather than return to their home country. Few white people make the connection between their love of yoga and their desire and ability to access traditions from historically oppressed communities of color.

The article went on to argue that the “modern day trend of cultural appropriation of yoga is a continuation of white supremacy and colonialism, maintaining the pattern of white people consuming the stuff of culture that is convenient and portable, while ignoring the well-being and liberation of Indian people,” and concluded, “We must ask, in what ways are we complicit in a system that harms People of Color, queer and trans people, poor people, people with disabilities, and immigrants?”