DELINGPOLE: Great Barrier Reef Still Not Dying, Whatever Washington Post Says…

‘The Great Barrier Reef is dying’ claims the Washington Post.

This is classic fake news.

Like the thriving polar bear, like the recovering ice caps, like the doing-just-fine Pacific islands, the Great Barrier Reef has become a totem for the liberal-left not because it’s in any kind of danger but because it’s big and famous and photogenic and lots and lots of people would be really sad if it disappeared.

But it’s not going to disappear. That’s just a #fakefakenews lie designed to promote the climate alarmist agenda.

The annoying thing is, though, whenever I write another piece like this one – Shock Study: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Doing Just Fine – I get besieged by greenies on Twitter telling me what an evil denier I am.

Meet, for example, my nemesis Tripp Funderburk.

Yes, if he didn’t exist you’d have to invent him. Tripp Funderburk describes himself as “a Duke football fan. Lover of coral reefs. Advocate for climate change solutions.”

There’s a big clue to where he’s coming from ideologically in that last sentence. Even so, it would be a mistake to dismiss him as just a random eco-loon with a funny name. As Tripp Funderburk thinks, so does pretty much everyone else in the entire greenie-left-liberal universe.

“Is the Great Barrier Reef dying due to climate change caused by man’s selfishness and greed?

I’ll lay money that if you asked this question to your kids’ biology teacher or to Bill Nye the Junk Science Guy or to that nice Richard Osman off Pointless or to Matt Damon or anyone else who would have voted for Hillary Clinton or to any Labour (and a good many Conservative) politicians or anyone who works for the ABC in Australia, the BBC, the Guardian, MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times or comedy Senator Al Franken or  Myles Allen, Professor of Geosystem science at Oxford University or pretty much any other science prof from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or Yale or any marine biologist or a lawyer from a big City law firm or anyone who voted Remain in the EU Referendum, you’d get the same answer: “Yes.”

How do they know?

Have they been out there personally – as I have – to check?

No, of course not.

The reason all these people believe the Great Barrier Reef is dying is because they all get their fake news from the same green-left-liberal echo chamber.

If you want to get the real facts, you have to seek them out at places like Jo Nova.

In a nutshell: a governmment funded group finds some bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef, and repackages the stats to come up with the apocalyptic statistic that only 7% of the reef is not bleached!  The SMH reported that “93% of the corals” are damaged. The reef is 2,000 kilometers long. Did anyone really think about these headlines?

Then in a development that “no one” could see coming, local tourism is damaged, potentially costing a lot of jobs.

“And the loss of these tourists could cost our tourism industry a whopping $1 billion a year, a report out today by The Australia Institute warned.”

Or listen to honest experts like Professor Peter Ridd, a marine geophysicist from Australia’s James Cook University, who last year tried to blow the whistle on Great Barrier Reef fake news.

Instead of being applauded for his integrity, he was censured in a kangaroo court orchestrated by his alarmist colleagues, and found guilty of “failing to act in a collegial way and in the academic spirit of the institution”.

As Ridd told The Bolt Report:

“We have got to the point where a large fraction of the science we see cannot be relied upon.”

I wonder if this applies to the dozens of names attached to the latest Nature study entitled Global Warming And The Recurrent Mass Bleaching of Corals?

They’ve got earn a living somehow. And it always helps when your study summary concludes with the all-important line:

“Consequently, immediate global action to curb future warming is essential to secure a future for coral reefs.”

Yes, of course. However could anyone dare think otherwise?

WaPo Staffer Charged with Impersonating ICE Agent

Maryland police arrested a man reported to be a Washington Post IT employee on charges of impersonating an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent.

The IT engineer for The Washington Post, Itai Ozderman, is reported to be in possession of an ICE badge, a Baltimore County police badge, a working police radio, body armor, tactical vests, and a variety of handguns, rifles, and shotguns according to WJLA ABC7 who first reported the story. Officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Baltimore County Police Department confirmed to the Washington, D.C. outlet that Ozderman has never worked in law enforcement.

The WJLA report states that court records confirmed Ozderman’s employment with the Washington Post. The newspaper published an Associated Press article about Ozderman’s arrest but made no mention in this article of his affiliation with the company. Another article published by the newspaper did mention the IT engineer’s employment status.

Court records obtained by ABC7 revealed that the 35-year-old IT engineer impersonated an ICE officer in the Falls Church, Virginia, area on multiple occasions. Witnesses reported seeing the man wearing a bulletproof vest with an ICE patch attached.

The Washington news outlet contacted the Washington Post to confirm the status of Ozderman’s employment. “All we have to share is that we are aware of the story and looking into it,” The Washington Post Director of Communications Shani George, responded in an email.

One of the alleged ICE agent impersonator’s neighbors told the ABC affiliate Ozderman would brag about being a “reserve officer.”

Police officials in Baltimore County stated they did not know how the man came into possession of police equipment found during a search of his home. That search revealed seven handguns, two M4 style rifles, a shotgun, body armor, tactical vests, magazines for all, ammunition, a silver Baltimore County police badge, and a working police radio. He also had police insignia in his home.

The ABC report states Ozderman was born in Israel. His citizenship and immigration statuses have not been released.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show that police arrested Ozderman on February 22 and charged him with impersonation of a law enforcement officer and possession of a handgun in a vehicle. Jail officials released the man after his family posted bond. He is scheduled to appear in court again on April 13.

Danish Media Accuses Russia of Trying to Incite Rioting in Swedish Suburb

Danish radio station Radio24syv claims to have received a tip from an individual in Rinkeby that Russian journalists attempted to pay residents in Rinkeby to “make trouble”.

According to a source, which the radio station has chosen to keep anonymous, a Russian television crew showed up to the Stockholm suburb, which is heavily populated by migrants, and offered 400 Swedish Crowns (£36) to young men willing to perform “actions” for the camera.

“They came to us and told us they wanted to see some action. They would bribe us with 400 Swedish crowns each,” said the radio station’s source which they have chosen to name ‘Mohammed’. The broadcaster claims that the identity of Mohammed has been verified. He and his friend were allegedly approached by the journalists who introduced themselves as being from a Russian broadcaster, though Mohammed failed to identify which one.

Mohammed said the journalists spoke to them and then spoke to each other in Russian and he did not know what they were talking about. He continued, “While we were talking with them, the police came over to us. We would not do any of that. But when the police came, the Russian journalists said that it was us who had said that we would show them some action for 400 kronor each.”

The Swedish police have refused to comment on the matter when asked by the radio station.

The migrant-heavy suburb of Rinkeby, often referred to as a No Go Zone, was in the news when riots broke out less than 48 hours after U.S. President Donald J. Trump brought world attention to the problems of mass migration in Sweden.

During the riots, a photographer from Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter was attacked and robbed of his camera by a gang of youths. He asked for police help to get to an ambulance but police told him he would have to get there on his own because the situation was too dangerous.

After the riots, immigrant residents of the area were interviewed by Swedish media. Some of them not only condemned the violence but said the perpetrators and their families should be deported back to the country they came from.

An American journalist even attempted to go to the area to see for himself what the suburb was like, the same one in which an Australian TV crew were attacked last year, and claims he was told by police that he had to leave for his own safety.

Silicon Valley Techies Complain About ‘Scraping By’ on Six-Figure Salaries

Several Silicon Valley employees, including a software engineer for Twitter who made a $160,000 salary, were mocked onlineafter complaining about their living standards in an article forThe Guardian.

In the article, entitled “Scraping by on six figures? Tech workers feel poor in Silicon Valley’s wealth bubble,” the employee complained that his six-figure salary was “pretty bad” for the area.

“I didn’t become a software engineer to be trying to make ends meet,” proclaimed the employee. “Families are priced out of the market.”

“The biggest cost is his $3,000 rent – which he said was ‘ultra cheap’ for the area – for a two-bedroom house in San Francisco, where he lives with his wife and two kids,” reported The Guardian sympathetically. “He’d like a slightly bigger property, but finds himself competing with groups of twentysomethings happy to share accommodation while paying up to $2,000 for a single room.”

“The prohibitive costs have displaced teachers, city workers, firefighters and other members of the middle class, not to mention low-income residents,” they continued. “Now techies, many of whom are among the highest 1% of earners, are complaining that they, too, are being priced out.”

The Guardian also covered other Silicon Valley employees in the piece who were earning “between $100,000 and $700,000 a year” but still allegedly had trouble “making ends meet.”

“One Apple employee was recently living in a Santa Cruz garage, using a compost bucket as a toilet. Another tech worker, enrolled in a coding bootcamp, described how he lived with 12 other engineers in a two-bedroom apartment rented via Airbnb,” The Guardianreported.

“It was $1,100 for a fucking bunk bed and five people in the same room. One guy was living in a closet, paying $1,400 for a ‘private room,’” one man complained, while a female employee added, “We make over $1m between us, but we can’t afford a house… This is part of where the American dream is not working out here.”

Several San Francisco residents mocked the employees for their complaints.

“Pity the poor tech worker who makes $700k a year, has an ‘unpalatable’ 20-mile commute and spends $12 a day on juice,” added Molly Reilly, a reporter for the Huffington Post.

BBC: Are Chopsticks Racist?

“Are food bloggers fuelling racist stereotypes”, asks the BBC in a headline on its news website, the article highlighting concern about “microaggressions” in food media.

“Food media is predominantly generated by white people for white people, so when the subject veers toward anything outside of the Western canon, it’s not uncommon to see things generalised, exotified, or misrepresented,” Filipino-American food and travel photographer Celeste Noche told BBC Trending.

“I think microaggressions in social media are reflective of food media as a whole in that appropriation,” Ms. Noche said, citing photographs of Asian dishes placed on bamboo mats or framed with chopsticks and banana leaves as examples.

The Filipino-American singled out Andrew Zimmern as an offender on this front, accusing the food blogger of feeding into stereotypes by styling his recipe for Filipino short ribs with chopsticks “even though Filipinos traditionally eat with spoons and forks or their hands.

“We need to break away from the idea that white and western is the base standard for media portrayals – whether in food, film, literature, etc – and start trusting and hiring people of colour to represent themselves,” Ms. Noche added.

The public broadcaster’s unit tasked with tracking stories which are ‘going viral’ on social media, BBC Trending, discussed racism in food blogging with Ms; Noche after she appeared on a podcast which garnered a total of 4 ‘likes’.

It is unclear where on the internet ‘The Racist Sandwich’ podcast, on which Ms. Noche shared her thoughts on the “exotified” depiction of ethnic dishes, was ‘trending’ as it has few followers on Twitter.

Breitbart London revealed last year that despite the BBC’s claim that “impartiality lies at the heart of public service”, the content put out by its Trending platform is overtly slanted to the liberal-left.

The investigation found a large proportion of material on the BBC unit’s YouTube page rallied for liberal causes like feminism, LGBT, transgender issues, and mass migration to the West.

Globalist Media Launches Project to ‘Show Human Side’ of Mass Migration

Four globalist newspapers have teamed up to work on an 18 month project they hope will “show the human side” of mass migration to Europe.

Each of the four European newspapers, one each from France, Germany, the UK and Spain, will follow a group of migrants in their respective countries seeking to answer questions including: “Will Europe change them or will they change Europe?” Le Mondehas reported.

Topics to be explored reportedly include how newcomers feel about a “rising tide of resentment that they encounter in this populist age”, and which countries in Europe are “best at helping refugees settle”.

During the project, entitled ‘The New Arrivals’, The Guardian says that papers will “work closely” together to report on “how Europe looks through immigrant eyes”.

Both Le Monde and The Guardian say the 18 month project will look at the question of “whether European society is changing the new arrivals – and vice versa”.

El País journalists will be looking at the daily lives of a football team of Africans who illegally entered Spain individually via methods including arriving by boat and scaling the nation’s border wall.

Le Monde has chosen to follow a family of nine from South Sudan who are due to be moved to a village of just 850 people in Corrèze, France, after having lived in Israel for several years.

In Germany, Der Spiegel will chronicle the lives of a large Syrian family who relocated from Damascus to Lüneburg, while The Guardian will follow a farmer from Afghanistan and his nine-year-old son who are living in Luton.

“We will produce a series of films about our subjects in an attempt to find out what is the best way to handle refugees, what these uprooted people value in their new homes, and whether their new neighbourhoods welcome or reject them,” writes The Guardian.

Managing editor at El País, David Alandete, said that with the project his newspaper: “Aim[s] to tell [migrants’] stories: their pain, fears, wishes and projects. By following a soccer team in Spain we hope to reveal what the human side of the crisis is.”

Decrying “stereotypes and prejudices” as Bundestag elections are due to take place in Germany later this year, editor Eva Thöne added that Spiegel Online “hope[s] to find a way to combine moving stories and portraits with a differentiated view on immigration”.

Funding the project is the European Journalism Centre, whose partners include several projects funded by Hungarian billionaire George Soros including the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Georgia Foundation, via a grant by the globalist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In January, José Manuel Sanz Mingote, director of the world’s largest Spanish-language news agency EFE, said that media corporations need to collaborate in order to “combat populism”.

BuzzFeed Introduces ‘Outside Your Bubble’ to Provide Alternate Viewpoints on News

BuzzFeed News has introduced a new feature titled “Outside Your Bubble” that purportedly offers readers alternative viewpoints on BuzzFeed News articles.

BuzzFeed Edit0r-In-Chief Ben Smith posted an article to the website today titled “Helping You See Outside Your Bubble.” The feature aims to show BuzzFeed writers’ differing viewpoints on subjects from across multiple sources on social media. BuzzFeed states that this is an attempt to prevent people from only listening to opinions or thoughts in their specific political bubble.

“The Outside Your Bubble feature will appear as a module at the bottom of some widely shared news articles and will pull in what people are saying about the piece on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, the web, and other platforms,” Smith wrote. “It’s a response to the reality that often the same story will have two or three distinct and siloed conversations taking place around it on social media, where people talk to the like-minded without even being aware of other perspectives on the same reporting.”

Smith says the aim of the feature is to provide readers with a sense of the different conversations relating to an article: “We view it in part as a way to amplify the work of BuzzFeed News reporters, and to add for readers a sense of the context in which news lives now.” BuzzFeed also asked for feedback from viewers on the sources that are included in the Outside Your Bubble features.